Helping Soulful Women Entrepreneurs

Helping Soulful Women Entrepreneurs

The Importance of Having A Mailing List

I’ve been doing this self business thing for a while now. Like 10 years, When I first started I didn’t have a mailing list. I had a website, I knew  My website was even getting lots of traffic, I had tons of fans on Facebook (before Facebook changed their algorithms). I changed my business name & luckily a lot of my followers followed me there, but then I did changed my name again, and again. 

I shouldn’t have done it so many times in hindsight. I was trying to find my way.

Why A Mailing List?

So Instagram changes, Facebook changes, Google +, Twitter, they all change, what would you do if suddenly those platforms closed down. Even though I highly doubt they will, I think the most likely thing is that there will be a new great social media platform where you’ll have to build up your following again.

If they do change, or if something happens like Facebook deletes your account- it’s happened! You need something to fall back on.

The Almighty Mailing List. 

You own your list! It’s yours, your peeps you can reach out to anytime! You can switch your mailing list provider, you can download a copy of your list and keep it safe as often as you’d like. 

Facebook doesn’t let you download a copy of your fans to keep in contact if something goes horribly wrong, and it trust me it could.

Who I Recommend

#1- Mailerlite

I started off my mailing list journey with the option below Mailchimp & for many years it was great but Mailerlite offers things that Mailchimp did not.


  • A way to separate your fans into interest groups
    • For me it was shamanism, Magick.
  • Mailerlite has pretty awesome modern landing pages that you can assign to your own domain name.
    • Mine is
  • Mailerlite allows you to embed sign up forms in your blog posts associated with a give-a-way or free-be.
    • Let’s just say you wrote a blog post like this one on Mailing Lists your free-be could be something like “My Guide to Setting Up Your Own Kick-Ass Mailing List.” When they click an e-mail pop up form comes up and they enter their name and e-mail and get a link to download the awesome gift you have set up for them!
  • Mailerlite has a FREE plan! That was what sold me! I could try out the service and grow my list before I had to pay, you can have up to 1,000 subscribers before you have to dish out a dime.
  • They have a phone app that will allow you to check your subscribers and add more on the go, perfect for festivals, and networking events.
  • It has automation sequences for welcoming new subscribers and warming them up to what you have to sell.


  • There’s a GREAT support staff that takes spam VERY seriously.
  • You’ll need to do some verification steps to prove that you’re a real business or organization & have a real website with a real business e-mail so (like


#2 MailChimp

Mailchimp isn’t as bad as I made it out to be; mailchimp was my faithful mailing service for years!


  • You can have 2,000 subscribers. That’s a thousand more than mailerlite!
  • Has a landing page service too. It doesn’t have the free ability to connect to your own domain name though.
  • Connects with a lot of apps and there’s a good plugin on wordpress (both self hosted and .com.) This makes it easier to get people’s e-mails.
    • I never had any luck getting it to work in blog posts but perhaps you will?
  • Good support.
  • Has pretty good templates for newsletters.
  • It has an app for your phone that will allow you to do a bit more than mailerlite’s: send campaigns(not edit), resend campaigns to non openers.


  • It doesn’t let you connect your own domain name to your landing pages.
  • It doesn’t have such great popup’s.
  • At times it doesn’t have the groups for dividing subscribers.


The Verdict

I personally like mailerlite better than mailchimp but it’s easy enough that you could make a free account with both and try them out.

Really it boils down to what you need your mailing list for.

Do you have a mailing list? Have you tried these? What are your thoughts?


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